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Enginursday: Boulder Bounces

SparkFun recently teamed up with the Museum of Boulder to create a new exhibit called Boulder Bounces. It’s a re-creation of our Simon Says Soldering Kit, but using trampolines instead of buttons, and spotlights instead of LEDs. The purpose of Boulder Bounces is to augment another exhibit called Sportsology, which has interactive areas where people can learn about their own agility and test their strength doing various sports activities. The museum wanted to add something geared toward toddlers to this area.Digital mock up from the project proposalEmily Zinn, their curator of education, had been to SparkFun for a collaboration involving their new makerspace, saw the original Simon Says trampolines and thought they would be the perfect addition!The original Simon trampolines - currently located at SparkFunAmazingly, the original trampolines have survived almost five years since their original Dunk Tank Hack Installation – they have even been on tour across the nation a couple times! The…

These Students Made A Walking TARS Robot From Interstellar

It actually walks, and looks pretty darned good too!Read more on MAKEThe post These Students Made A Walking TARS Robot From Interstellar appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

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Roblox Introduces Education Initiative to Inspire a New Generation of Game Designers

Today, Roblox launched Roblox Education, an initiative to teach kids how to code by helping them program their own Jurassic Park-inspired video game.Read more on MAKEThe post Roblox Introduces Education Initiative to Inspire a New Generation of Game Designers appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

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How To: Constructing a Radar Using Arduino

In this video, the presenter will be guiding you through a complete construction of a Radar System using an Arduino Development Board.Components used:Bread BoardArduino Uno BoardJumper WireStepper motorFor full circuit, schematics, Arduino code: click hereCourtesy: How To MechatronicsThe post How To: Constructing a Radar Using Arduino appeared first on Electronics For You.

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Visualisation Device for Industrial Automation Using ML & Holograms

The concept of Virtual reality (VR) or the Augmented reality (AR) originated as early as 19th century and with the latter coming into more and more commercial aspect recently through the introduction of support with mobile phones, most widely used in small-scale gaming and entertainment predominantly. Augmented Reality which is still in its preliminary stages is tending towards a definitive revolution. Augmented reality by definition is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time.Unlike virtual reality, which creates a totally artificial environment, augmented reality uses the existing environment and overlays additional information on top of it.The concept discussed here is about a visualization device or add-on based out of VR and AR as to how can we put it to good and ample use for visualization and also that of providing an augmented control for the industrial processes from a remote location with the help of these futuristic technologies along …


Amphenol RF’s HD-EFI product series is designed to maximize radial and axial float in board-to-board applications.Danbury, CT – Amphenol RF is proud to release its newly developed HD-EFI product line. This 50 ohm micro-miniature interface is ideal for blind-mate situations and mating multiple RF lines between printed circuit boards. These connectors are designed specifically to maximize radial and axial float in board to board applications.HD-EFI PCB jacks are available in through-hole, surface mount, and edge launch designs. The three-piece mating system uses a limited detent and a smooth bore PCB connector, joined by a floating bullet adapter in between. The generous gathering cone and unique bullet design allows for 1.4mm of axial float, and 1.4mm of radial float, with a maximum float angle of 5 degrees.These 50 ohm products have an operating frequency of DC to 6 GHz, making them ideal for high-performance applications with a small package size. The selection of PCB mounts and bull…

Maxim Provides Industry’s First True Fault Protection Solution for High-Speed USB Ports and Industrial Voltage Applications

MAX22505 eliminates port damage from all faults, including ground potential differences, up to ±40V; reduces solution size by more than 50%San Jose, CA—May 29, 2018—With the MAX22505 ±40V high-speed USB fault protector from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM), designers can now eliminate USB port damage from all faults, including ground potential differences, up to ±40V without the tradeoffs required by competing solutions. It protects data and power lines from industrial equipment powered at 24VAC and 40VDC, while also reducing solution size by more than 50% for industrial voltage applications.Details about MAX22505: image: environments continue striving to reduce solution footprint to increase productivity and throughput while demanding system robustness and increased uptime. As a result, there has been a trend to adopt USB vs. RS232 on automation equipment due to a much smaller connector size. As…

Bosch’s Low-Power BMP388 Digital Pressure Sensor Now Available from Mouser for Drones and AR/VR Applications

May 29, 2018 – Mouser Electronics, Inc., the industry’s leading New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor with the widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components, is now stocking the BMP388 digital barometric pressure sensor from Bosch. Featuring a best-in-class temperature coefficient offset (TCO) between 20 and 65 degrees Celsius, the small, low-power, low-noise BMP388 sensor delivers accurate altitude measurement over a broad temperature range.The Bosch BMP388 digital barometric pressure sensor, available from Mouser Electronics, uses proven sensing principles to provide pressure and temperature measurements. The 24-bit device covers a measurement range of 300 hPa to 1250 hPa while consuming just 3.4 µA at 1 Hz. The BMP388 sensor features a raw interrupt functionality for easy access to storage and data, while a built-in infinite impulse response (IIR) filter minimizes short-term disturbances like those caused by slamming doors or windows.Bosch’s BMP388 digital barom…

VIVOTEK Recognized by Genetec as Platinum Technology Partner

New Delhi, India, 30th May, 2018 –VIVOTEK (TWSE: 3454), a global leading IP surveillance provider, is delighted to announce it has received the Platinum Technology Partner acknowledgement from Genetec Inc. (“Genetec”), the leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions. Among all of Genetec’s global partners, only six solution providers were recognized for their proven and trusted relationship in both product capabilities and business development.Highlighting the mutual partnership, the complete series of VIVOTEK’s H.265 products are fully integrated with Genetec™ Security Center, the unified security platform from Genetec Inc. Users of solutions from both providers are able to take full advantage of the newly added H.265 flagship cameras with VIVOTEK’s advanced technology, including cybersecurity enhancement, Smart Stream III video compression technology, and SNVII (Supreme Night Visibility II). In addition, thanks to V…

Experimenting with 3D Printing on Fabric

I’ve been seeing a lot of 3D printing on fabric around on the internet lately. I found this technique extremely intriguing based on my interests in wearables and combining tech and craft, and I was excited to try it using our Lulzbot printers.Before we jump in, I want to give credit to my inspiration. There have been tons of similar projects, but most credit for the development of this technique can go to David Shorey, who wrote about his work in Make Magazine. His work definitely piqued my interest, but I really decided to give it a go when I saw this necklace on imgur. I loved the idea of not only using this to make a scaling malleable surface, but also to create a visual floating effect against the skin.I started my experiments by following the processes I read about online. It’s pretty straight forward but it does take some finesse. If it was broken down into a step-by-step format it might look something like this:Make/download a model and prepare the g-code for the printerStart t…

Slice Your Way to Victory in Your Next Cosplay Contest with this Zer0 Sword

Casey Gartung constructed the sword that Zer0 uses in Borderlands 2 for her cosplay, and it looks absolutely incredible!Read more on MAKEThe post Slice Your Way to Victory in Your Next Cosplay Contest with this Zer0 Sword appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

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Scaling Open-Source Conservation Technology

This post is part of a series of guest posts by GroupGets and their appointed experts to talk about project crowdfunding and early-stage product development, from successes to battle wounds.Conservation technology - software and devices used by professional conservation scientists to monitor animals and their environment - is going through a rapid change. Individuals with exposure to online maker communities are increasingly using open-source software and hardware to develop their own bespoke monitoring devices. These are typically much lower cost than commercial alternatives, and most significantly, can be modified and adapted to their specific deployment setting.For example, Open Acoustic Devices - a research project at the universities of Oxford and Southampton - have been developing a low-cost acoustic sensor called AudioMoth. In contrast to commercial devices, AudioMoth uses a low-cost sensitive MEMS microphone mounted directly on the printed circuit board to provide a single-boa…

Building a Cubbyhole Cabinet from Trash

Turn some jugs and cans from the trash into a small parts shop organizer.Read more on MAKEThe post Building a Cubbyhole Cabinet from Trash appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

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Top 12 Websites Where You can Learn Coding for Free | 2018

To a beginner, the world of programming seems like an intangible thread of 1s and 0s. Programming is the root of all operations today. Coding teaches you how to turn these intangible 1s and 0s into tangible threads for others, and to create a completely new tool. Learning to code can prove to be highly useful especially in career development. Also, this will open up new career choices for you as the demand for web developers and coding specialists keeps on increasing. Programming isn’t exactly an alien thing to us anymore, any person can learn coding. You can learn coding online on the following websites listed, completely free.1: CodeAcademyThe first and most popular free site for you to learn to code would beCodeAcademy. CodeAcademy offers online free courses in 12 different programming languages. For example:Python,JavaScript,Ruby,HTML and CSS. More than 25 million people have learned coding free from this website as of 2016.2: CourseraCourserais a company formed by Stanford profes…

Multispectral Fingerprint Door Controller

About the ProductCOSEC DOOR FMX is a high-performance multispectral fingerprint based door controller, which boosts security and productivity of modern enterprises.How it WorksThe advanced multispectral technology of COSEC DOOR FMX reads surface and subsurface of a live fingerprint and gives very clear and strong image even if the surface layer is not available due to dirty finger, dry finger, oily finger, poor ridge image or other environment problems. As mentioned, it detects live fingerprint, which ensures access denial of trespassers with fake fingerprints. This unique identification process outperforms all other fingerprint sensors and provides robust, reliable and highly secured biometric information of the user.ApplicationDue to its powerful fingerprint reading algorithm, COSEC DOOR FMX provides high end security and can work in extremely harsh environment where a user’s fingerprint is difficult to scan.High SecurityHigh security is essential at places where risk of intrusion i…

Door Controller with Multispectral Fingerprint Sensor

In the fast-paced evolution of technology, organizations have started adapting the biometric application systems for access control and time-attendance. Compared to the traditional biometric readers scanning a single layer of skin, multispectral biometric attendance system employs multi-layered reading. Matrix COSEC DOOR FMX is a high performance door controller with multispectral sensor technology. It reads surface as well as the subsurface of a finger producing more accurate image even when the finger surface features are distorted or difficult to read due to dirt, usage, age or environment. Powered by a high-speed processor and live finger detection algorithm, DOOR FMX is specifically engineered for high security applications including Defense, Airports, R&D Labs, Banks and industries such as Education, Mining, Construction and Heavy Manufacturing for their Access Control and Time-Attendance needs.Features:Multispectral Sensor with Fingerprint DetectionSupports Fingerprint, RFI…

Army Welfare Housing Organization Secured their Multistoried Premises with Matrix Elevator based Access Control solution

Project Highlights:Application: Elevator Access ControlUsers: 400+Devices: 30Locations: India (Single Location)Industry: ConstructionCompany Profile:Army Welfare Housing Organization (AWHO) embarked on a historic journey to construct houses for serving/retired Army personnel and their widows in selected stations throughout the country. Today, AWHO’s presence is visible across the length and breadth of India. During the last 38 years, the organization has constructed approx. 29,000 dwelling units in 93 projects at various stations and is in the process of constructing more than 6,000 dwelling units at 14 stations, while 6,076 dwelling units are under planning at eight stations.Challenges:One of the AWHO townships located at Indore faced difficulties in monitoring visitors and keeping watch over the movement of maids and drivers in the multistoried building. Protection of the residents and their valuables from intruders was one of the concerns for them. AWHO also wanted a combined solut…

Glaucoma Detection Using Support Vector Machine Algorithm

Glaucoma is one of the second principal eye disease in the world, if not treated legitimately may prompt to permanent blindness. There are no particular symptoms for this disease; it is seen by loss of side vision. It is a moderate dynamic decay of retinal ganglion cells (RGC) and their axons, bringing about a distinct appearance to the optic nerve head (ONH), frequently called cupping. Because of this cupping, the cup area increments and causes loss of side vision. Various modern methods are being developed currently for the efficient  glaucoma detection to name them, OCT, HRT.Usually to detect Glaucoma, optic nerve assessment is performed by a trained glaucoma specialist or using specialized expensive equipment such as the OCT (Optical coherence tomography) and HRT (Heidelberg Retinal Tomography) systems. However, optic disc assessment by an ophthalmologist is subjective and the availability of OCT/HRT is limited because of the cost involved. If the 2D fundus digital image is taken …

From Preventive to Predictive Maintenance

When we think of high-volume manufacturing, we often imagine a smoothly running factory with every machine functioning perfectly to turn out finished products efficiently and in volume. For the people running such a factory, their objective is to keep the factory running at its optimal speed with minimal downtime. This objective recognizes every machine with moving parts suffers some wear and tear and will inevitably need to be serviced or have some parts replaced. The question is when is the best time to do this: do you do it according to a fixed schedule or do you wait for the machine to start showing signs of failure?Approaches to maintenanceA first approach is to schedule maintenance tasks based on a fixed predetermined schedule, which ignores the actual condition of the equipment. Think of a regular car checkup at fixed intervals or mileage. This approach has the advantages of being simple to plan but also has significant drawbacks in that maintenance may happen too late, resulti…

Five Mistakes I Made During My First Kickstarter

Sometimes this kind of experience is the only way you can learn which battles are worth fighting.Read more on MAKEThe post Five Mistakes I Made During My First Kickstarter appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

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