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Weekend Watch: Phun Kiss

A maker couple who collaborate on projects and document their efforts on YouTube.Read more on MAKEThe post Weekend Watch: Phun Kiss appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

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12 Best Drone Kits for Beginners & Advanced: All Features, Pros & Cons [2018]

Before looking into the best DIY drone available I want to give a brief difference between a drone and quadcopter. Drones and quadcopters can be called as UAVs (Unmanned aerial vehicles.) A quadcopter is a specific type of drone, While drone is a broad category such as tricopters, helicopters, octocopters.Drones are very expensive, because of which it is limited to a certain group of people. But in the last few years, drones which are affordable drones are available. Depending on your requirement you can choose the best drone. If you are a beginner and looking to learn how to fly a drone then you can start with low budget drones. If you are a professional you can choose drones with more features. BEST CHOICE Title Holystone Predator Syma X5C Holystone HS100 Holystone F181C UDI U818A Discovery Flight time Up to 8 min 7-10 min 12-15 min 7-9 min 8-10 min Charging Time 80 min 90 min N/A 80 min 80 min Range 30-40 meter 50 meter 500 meters 50-100 meter 50-100 meter Controller 2.4 GHZ

How to Burn Bootloader on ATmega328 using Arduino UNO?

In this project, I will show you how to burn bootloader on ATmega328 Microcontroller. Using this method, you can use your ATmega328 Microcontroller as a standalone on a custom design or PCB or simply burn bootloader on ATmega328 (as well as you can upload the code).IntroductionIf you are viewing this project, then you might probably have used Arduino board. There is a high possibility that the ATmega328 Microcontroller on Arduino UNO might fail after certain time (or improper connection). In order to reuse that Arduino Board, you need a new ATmega328 IC with Bootloader loaded (I will talk about Bootloader in a minute).There are other reasons for burning Bootloader on ATmega328 Microcontroller like if you have written your own Bootloader and want to test it out or you want understand the working of microcontroller in detail.WARNING: It is not recommended to tweak the Bootloader in Arduino if you are new to this kind of stuff.What is Bootloader?Simply speaking, Bootloader is small piece…

What are the Differences Between M2M and the IoT?

M2M, or machine-to-machine, is a direct communication between devices using wired or wireless communication channels. M2M refers to the interaction of two or more devices/machines that are connected to each other. These devices capture data and share with other connected devices, creating an intelligent network of things or systems. Devices could be sensors, actuators, embedded […]The post What are the Differences Between M2M and the IoT? appeared first on Electronics For You.

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10 Facts about Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) you might not know

Printed Circuit Boards have to be the most common piece of tech you’ll find almost anywhere. But exactly how much do you know about them? Here we will discuss a few facts about PCBs that you might not know.1: Why the use of green color?This is the most basic questions, why are most PCBs green? In reality, the board itself is brown, and that green color you see is the solder mask layer. Although the solder mask does not necessarily have to be green, it is most common. The origin of the use of green colored solder mask is undetermined however, we have a few theories. Some say it was based on old military requirements, and came into use from there. Some also say that it was the most popular resin and hardener at that time, and the laminates were also green and so were adopted in all PCB layouts.  Some also say it is because the human eye has a greater response to the color green. In any case, green has been used for ages and will be used on, although some companies let you choose your ow…