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Press a Button; Get Your Coordinates

Here at SparkFun, our engineers have been quite busy in the GPS world. Over the last few months we have released some great new GPS Boards, including the extremely accurate GPS-RTK2 Board, the versatile GPS Breakout - ZOE-M8Q and the helpful GNSS Chip Antenna Evaluation Board. Individual needs for GPS projects can be very focused and specific, but there is one thing in common with all projects that use GPS modules - finding your location - and that's what today's tutorial is all about. Using the GPS Breakout - XA1110 and an Arduino board, 9V battery, push button and OLED display, you'll be able to simply push a button and see your coordinates. Think of this tutorial as a "hello world" for GPS. New!Displaying Your Coordinates with a GPS ModuleApril 30, 2019This Arduino tutorial will teach you how to pinpoint and display your GPS coordinates with a press of a button using hardware from our Qwiic Connect System (I2C). FavoritedFavorite0 If you are interested in learning…

Shaping the Cities of the Future At Maker Faire Vienna

What does the city of the future look like? That’s the question that the producers of Maker Faire Vienna have kept in mind this year. How can this technology improve the world around us? How can we use our skills to help those who need assistance? How can we utilize […]Read more on MAKEThe post Shaping the Cities of the Future At Maker Faire Vienna appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

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This Wicked Puzzle Box Protects Your Dice

Inspiration is a funny thing, there’s no telling where it can come from. If you were to glance at this puzzle box for dice, made by Jay and Jamie from Wicked Makers, you’d never guess that the inspiration came, not from some mythical tale, but from a childproof kitchen cabinet. […]Read more on MAKEThe post This Wicked Puzzle Box Protects Your Dice appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

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CDS Adds to the Team as it Expands Operations

CDS is pleased to announce that as a part of its expansion plans Richard Murton has joined our team where he will focus on the System solutions including embedded division of the business.After working as a design engineer at Marconi Avionics, Richard moved into the world of electronic display sales in 1991 gaining great experience at a number of display specialist companies having been a significant player in the technological development and growth of the TFT LCD market sector. Richard has joined CDS from a large European Display Group where he headed up the UK operations playing an important and influential role in the growth of that company.Richard is an excellent technical sales manager with extensive experience and knowledge of our specialist market sectors of electronic displays and will add real value to our customers and suppliers where his key expertise in building and developing new business and maintaining a high quality of product development and processes to benefit CDS …

CIPOS™ Tiny complements Infineon’s families of IPMs

Munich, Germany – 30 April 2019 – Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) adds a new member to its growing family of intelligent power modules (IPMs): CIPOS Tiny. The 3-phase inverter module is the newest generation of IPM to offer the highest power density for variable speed motor drives. By using the latest TRENCHSTOP IGBT6, it is possible to realize maximum efficiency with minimum footprint. Applications profiting from CIPOS Tiny include high efficiency washing machines, fans, compressors, and industrial drives. The IPM will allow customers to reduce system cost, improve reliability, and lower energy consumption. CIPOS Tiny will be showcased at PCIM 2019The advanced CIPOS Tiny is molded in a compact and fully isolated thermally enhanced 34 x 15 mm² package. In addition, system mechanical design flexibility is also considered by offering both Tiny SIP and DIP form factors. It offers an integrated high precision temperature monitor, over-current protection, and under-volta…

Powering next generation datacenters

Infineon’s 48 V high-efficiency, two-stage architecture power distributionMunich, Germany – 29 April 2019 – Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) is introducing its zero-voltage-switching (ZSC) switched capacitor converter. It features a two-stage architecture for 48 V applications to power up CPUs, GPUs, SoCs, ASICs, and memory. Infineon’s full system concept for 48 V architecture paves a way towards 99 percent of efficiency. Combining ZSC board with CoolGaN 600 V based solutions results in an optimized power flow and unparalleled performance for the datacenters of tomorrow. The latest ZSC converter board is introduced at the PCIM 2019 tradeshow in Nuremberg, Germany.The ZSC converter delivers the highest efficiency and power density for applications using 48 V. Through capacitive energy transfer with soft switching of the power MOSFETs, it generates an intermediate bus voltage. This enables an easy and low-risk migration path for legacy 12 V systems to a 48 V infrastruc…

Mouser offers Maxim’s MAX77860 Switch-Mode Buck Charger for Portable Equipment and Mobile Devices

April 29, 2019 – Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorized global distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, is now stocking the MAX77860 switch-mode buck charger from Maxim Integrated. Combining high performance, wide input voltage, and USB Type-C CC detection, the MAX77860 is ideal for USB Type-C charging for single-cell (1S) lithium-ion or lithium-polymer applications, portable medical equipment, portable industrial equipment, and mobile point-of-sale devices, as well as smartphones and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.The Maxim MAX77860 step-down charger, available from Mouser Electronics, features an input operating range of 4.0 V to 13.5 V and support for USB Type-C CC detection with reverse boost capability to power USB On-The-Go accessories. The charger includes two integrated switches and a single input for both USB and high-voltage adapters. The device’s I²C programmable settings allow it to accommodate a broad range of system loads and battery…

Bourns GMOV Hybrid Components for Overvoltage Protection Now Available from Mouser Electronics

April 29, 2019 – Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorized global distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, is now stocking the new GMOV hybrid overvoltage surge protection components from Bourns. GMOV components present a long-life, reliable protection solution that provides a higher level of performance and safety compared to standard metal oxide varistors (MOVs). The Bourns GMOV series are ideal in AC applications where conditions are less than predictable or uncontrolled, in markets such as industrial, consumer, non-lifesaving and non-critical medical, and communications.Bourns GMOV components, available from Mouser Electronics, combine Bourns innovative and space-saving Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) with FLAT® technology with an MOV to create a compact, robust hybrid component. By combining two technologies, the GMOV component effectively eliminates leakage and most damage due to watt loss heating, resulting in a protection solution with zero standby energy …

WLAN Measurement Solution With CTIA/WFA CWG Test Plan V. 2.1

Industry-Leading IEEE802.11ac OTA SupportAnritsu Corporation is pleased to announce that its Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A WLAN measurement solution has world-first support for IEEE802.11ac OTA (Over the Air) Tests. IEEE802.11ac is covered newly by TIA/WFACWG Test Plan Version 2.1 released in April 2019 ( CWG Test Plan Version 2.1 is a typical test specification and procedure for evaluating WLAN performance usingOTA measurements; the standard test procedure is not only used in N. America but is also referenced by other regional test bodies and is expected to become the de facto standard for the increasingly popular IEEE802.11ac specification.CTIA/WFA CWG Test Plan Version 2.1 stipulates the performance evaluation at various data rates over the air (OTA) (or on OTA environment). However, usually, it is very difficult that IEEE802.11ac equipment under test (EUT) outputs the specified/ fixed throughput stably for performance evaluations.
With a pat…

DC Motor Speed Controller

Here is a simple DC motor speed controller circuit that can be configured to control the sweep rate of automobiles’ windscreen wiper. The circuit comprises a timer NE555 (IC1), medium-power driver transistor BD239 (T1), high-power switching transistor BD249 (T2) and a few other discrete components. It is configured for automobile usage with negative terminal of […]The post DC Motor Speed Controller appeared first on Electronics For You.

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Adjustable AC Circuit Breaker

This circuit breaker employs a single operational amplifier (op-amp) and yet has a wide range and is user-friendly. A circuit breaker is an electrical switch intended to protect an electrical circuit or device from damage caused by excess current flow or short-circuit. A basic circuit breaker includes a simple fuse and a normal miniature circuit […]The post Adjustable AC Circuit Breaker appeared first on Electronics For You.

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RECOM Power announces the acquisition of 75% of Power Control Systems based in San Vendemiano near Conegliano/Italy. This well-established company focuses on the design and manufacture of AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies from 3W up to 10kW for Railway, Medical, Military and Industrial applications. With more than 40 years of experience, PCS has established long term relationships with demanding Tier 1 customers.Karsten Bier, the CEO of the RECOM Group states:“We are excited to welcome such a high-end power supply solutions provider into our organization. Offering our worldwide customer base the PCS product portfolio will enhance our position as the No.1 provider for full power distribution on and off board. It will also broaden our strategic options and will assist customers when selecting products from our factories in Europe, China and Taiwan. PCS employs 49 people and generates an annual turnover of close to $10mio. The high qualified design and product testing and verification engin…

Prankenstein: Watch Kari Byron and Tory Belleci’s TV Pilot that Never Got Made

TV is a strange beast — what we watch usually seems so effortless and enjoyable, but many people don’t realize how much work never gets seen at all. And this isn’t just in footage that gets left on the editing room floor after squeezing weeks of shooting into a 30 […]Read more on MAKEThe post Prankenstein: Watch Kari Byron and Tory Belleci’s TV Pilot that Never Got Made appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

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Beirut Mini Maker Faire 2019, Culture Mixed by East, West, and Makers

On April 6, a DIY festival Beirut Mini Maker Faire was held in Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon, a small country in the Middle East. This was the first held in Beirut. The development of creative ideas rooted in Lebanon and a sincere exchange of views on the startup […]Read more on MAKEThe post Beirut Mini Maker Faire 2019, Culture Mixed by East, West, and Makers appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

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Artificial Intelligence: The Latest In AI And Its Applications

AI is becoming a disruptive force that is redefining the modern industry. This article features some exciting applications of AI, along with a glimpse into the future, illustrating how AI will continue to transform industries and our lives. Sophia, an artificial intelligence (AI) humanoid, was in the news recently for becoming the first robot ever […]The post Artificial Intelligence: The Latest In AI And Its Applications appeared first on Electronics For You.

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Automatic Plants Watering System with Melody

Here is a circuit for automatic plants watering, which can be undertaken every morning without any human effort. A sensor is used to detect ambient light and activate a pump motor to start watering the plants in the morning. You can set the watering time duration as per your requirement. The author’s prototype is shown […]The post Automatic Plants Watering System with Melody appeared first on Electronics For You.

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The Downsides Of Digital: News Archiving Comes Under Threat

The difference between digital and physical has always been tangible; when it comes to archiving, this is a bit of a problem. We can see our pasts and histories in the old photographs, documents, and records that were left behind. By taking the proper precautionary and preventative measures, we can ensure that these relics remain in good condition for the years to come; unfortunately, digital archives are not as lucky.If you’re preserving your great-great-great-great grandmother’s diary, the steps are relatively simple: as long as you keep it in a cool, dry place (that has a relative humidity below 65%), it will be protected from the damage insects and moisture can cause. At the same time, you’ll always know right where it is because it occupies a physical space in your life — even if it’s alone, tucked away in your attic.Digital archives, however, are at the mercy of our technological advancement. As we grow and expand technologically, the platforms we use and rely on change and shif…

Cool Crowdfunding: Mini Deathstar In Space, Closed Loop 3D Printing, and Mine Digging Bots

We receive so many pitches for crowdfunding projects. They pour into our inbox daily. Since crowdfunding is a bit of a gamble, it is always kind of hard to determine just how to write about these projects, considering that many of them may not ever deliver. Cool Crowdfunding is our […]Read more on MAKEThe post Cool Crowdfunding: Mini Deathstar In Space, Closed Loop 3D Printing, and Mine Digging Bots appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

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Company Profile:Parekh Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd (PISPL) is in the business of providing high-quality logistics services that give customers a competitive advantage in the Indian market. Established in 1981, PISPL is a one-stop shop logistics and supply chain service provider in India offering storage and distribution services, freight forwarding, transportation, information technology and cold chain management solutions along with other value added services to multiple industry verticals.ChallengesParekh Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd (PISPL) has established their operation with more than 1,500 warehouses and distribution setups to cover all the major cities in India for their services. With this expansion, IT infrastructure equipment was procured, including IP video surveillance systems of different reputed brands from different vendors. Over a period, it was becoming costly and difficult to manage different brands procured separately at different locations. Cost of operation has a…

TE Connectivity Announced Cable-Actuated Position Sensors

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has launched cable-actuated position sensors, proven reliable in automation, commercial vehicle, medical, and test and measurement applications, are easy to install and specified for applications requiring linear position measurement from 2 to 1,700 inches (50 to 43,000 mm).TE’s cable-actuated position sensors are standard, in-stock packages as well as custom design capability for OEM applications. Its industrial packages with measurement ranges up to 43 meters for use indoors and outdoors. Analog voltage outputs including 4-20mA, voltage divider, 0-5V, 0-10V,  ±5 Vdc, and ±10 Vdc. Digital outputs including DeviceNet, Increnmental Encoder, and RS232. Rugged metal housing as well as plastic packages for compact, economical applications. The open frame designs for OEM needs with tight space requirements. Precision packages to 0.05% accuracy and 0.02% repeatability for test and measurement.

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Around The World: Latest Trends and Innovations

In this article we take a look at the various technology trends and interesting solutions we came across while visiting different parts of the globe throughout the year. Every year brings new opportunities to discover new technological inventions that can deliver real-life improvements. Many of the most-talked-about technologies today were discovered decades ago but have […]The post Around The World: Latest Trends and Innovations appeared first on Electronics For You.

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TDK among world’s 100 top innovative company

TDK is once again among the world’s 100 most innovative companies of the year in a ranking drawn up by Clarivate Analytics, formerly the intellectual property and science business unit of Thomson Reuters. This is the fifth time that TDK has appeared on the list.A company’s patents are crucial to their ranking. Both the number of patents and the ratio of patent applications to patents issued are assessed. Another factor is global patent protection for the portfolio, especially by Chinese, European, Japanese and US patent offices. The number of times patents are mentioned by other companies and institutions also serves as evidence of the influence of patents.TDK’s latest innovations in electronic components include CeraCharge, the world’s first rechargeable solid-state SMD battery, and PowerHap piezo actuators, with haptic feedback, which deliver unrivalled performance in terms of acceleration, force and response time.

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Constructing Cosplay Armor From Perler Beads With Cosplamy

In a world positively teeming with materials that you can use to build any cosplay your heart desires (Worbla, foam, fabric, resin, and even kombucha, just to name a few!), one cosplayer stepped outside the norm to build her cosplays with a more unique choice of crafting product: Perler Beads! […]Read more on MAKEThe post Constructing Cosplay Armor From Perler Beads With Cosplamy appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

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Hands-On Workshops Take Over Maker Faire Bay Area

Maker Faire has always been a haven of hands-on exploration, learning, and inspiration. Since the beginning we’ve encouraged each maker to let people touch things and see how it all works. We’ve even offered a few classes, which people seemed to absolutely love. This year, we’re going overboard with the […]Read more on MAKEThe post Hands-On Workshops Take Over Maker Faire Bay Area appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

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Virtual And Augmented Reality Come Of Age

Virtual and augmented reality technologies are coming of age and finding many valuable real-world applications. Once upon a time our physical and digital worlds were quite separate, but technological advances are enabling digital worlds to become real enough to merge with the real world. Technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have […]The post Virtual And Augmented Reality Come Of Age appeared first on Electronics For You.

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Friday Product Post: Ohhh! What Does This Button Do?

Hello everyone! We have quite a few products to get through today, starting with the new SparkFun Qwiic Keypad, which helps you easily incorporate a 12-button actuator into a project. We also have the new Raspberry Pi PoE HAT, and a VR IMU Breakout with lightly bad silk at a reduced cost. To round out the day we have a couple of limited-time essential components, including three Cherry MX keycaps, three trimpots and some multicolored tactile buttons! Let's take a closer look! You're really pressing our buttons, now! added to your cart! SparkFun Qwiic Keypad - 12 ButtonIn stockCOM-15290The SparkFun Qwiic Keypad comes fully assembled and makes the development process for adding a 12 button keypad easy. $9.95 FavoritedFavorite1Wish List Keypads are very handy input devices, but who wants to tie up seven GPIO pins, wire a handful of pull-up resistors and write firmware that wastes valuable processing time scanning the keys for inputs? The SparkFun Qwiic Keypad comes fully assembled and …

Improve Datacenter Throughput and Storage up to 11TB with Micron’s 9200 NVMe SSDs, Now at Mouser

April 25, 2019 – Mouser Electronics, Inc., the industry’s leading New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor with the widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components, is now stocking the 9200 Series of NVM Express (NVMe) solid state drives (SSDs) from Micron. One of the first NVMe SSDs on the market with a capacity exceeding 10 TB, the 9200 SSDs offer high capacity, fast speeds, and low latency for high-performance functions such as application and database acceleration, online transaction processing (OLTP), high-frequency trading, and high-performance computing.The Micron 9200 Series SSDs, available from Mouser Electronics, blend the capabilities of 3D NAND and NVMe technologies for enterprise storage. The devices are built on an innovative architecture that combines NVMe protocols on a PCIe connection to deliver fast enterprise flash performance up to 10 times’ faster than SATA SSDs, plus 3D NAND high-density storage that conserves power and rack space. The 9200 SSDs de…

TE Connectivity Announced zSFP+ 1×3 Cage Assemblies

Cage-AssembliesTE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has launched a new 1×3 zSFP+ cage assembly that offers a new configuration for high-speed applications and is being adopted by key industry players for their 5G wireless platforms to address the design challenges of configuration upgrades.The new 1×3 cage assembly expands TE’s zSFP+ product portfolio which provides a wide variety of configurations including single high cages (1xN) and stacked (2xN) assemblies to address various design needs. zSFP+ products offer a scalable interface to easily upgrade from 28 Gbps to 56 Gbps data rates and are backward compatible to replace the 10G SFP+ products in the market.As an authorized distributor for TE Connectivity, Heilind Asia provides TE’s products and also value added services. Heilind Asia supports both original equipment and contract manufacturers in all market segments of the electronics industry, stocking products from the industry’s leading manufacturers …

TE Connectivity Announced Thermocouple Sensors

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has launched a thermocouple sensor consists of two dissimilar metals, joined together at one end. This junction is where the temperature is measured. A small voltage is produced by the two metals, which can be measured and interpreted by a control system. The dissimilar metals are individually insulated, and an overcoat is present to maintain an intimate bifilar configuration. TE Connectivity (TE) thermocouple sensors and assemblies are offered in a variety of standard styles to fit a wide range of applications. Class 1 thermocouples are built according to IEC584. Custom thermocouple solutions are available. TE offers decades of experience designing and manufacturing custom sensing solutions.TE’s thermocouple sensors are wide operating temperature range and relatively constant sensitivity over their entire range. It has industry standard output signals and most popular alloy types are available. Wide range of sizes avai…