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LED Expo Mumbai 2019 to fuel nation’s energy efficiency movement

With major steps taken by the government to promote the usage of LED, the 20th edition of LED Expo Mumbai 2019 will bring the latest trends from over 300 companies to help encourage these initiatives and provide a resourceful platform to manufacturers, importers, distributors and end users. Use of LEDs at residential areas will be further promoted with DELP being proposed by EESL in consultation with BEST and MSEDL.

India has witnessed a phenomenal progress with an annual energy savings of over 3,340 crore kWh*. The burgeoning consumption of LED lights could make India the first nation to use LED for all kinds of lights. With constant measures taken by the government to encourage the use of LED bulbs and technologies, these energy efficient lights are now widely used in commercial sectors, government building, streetlights and even residential areas. Acting as a stimulus to the progress of LED lights in the all the cities and towns of the country, the 20th edition of LED Expo Mumbai will bring over 300 companies offering the latest technologies and advancements to buyers across the country.

The premium show, known for displaying the entire value chain of LED lights and technologies, will have both exquisite and essential LED products from contingents like India, China, Hongkong, Korea, Taiwan, and UAE. Companies like Osram India, Nirvana Lighting, Swingtel Communications, Millennium Semiconductors, Lafit Lighting Pvt, AV Enterprises (Green Life), LTech India Software Systems and Kalon Lighting will present the latest technological advancements that will help set new trends in the booming industry.

With continuous steps taken to encourage the use of LED lights, lamps and luminaires, this technology has exhibited the strongest growth trend amongst all the lighting technologies in the country. Lending his support to India’s most premier show, Honourable Minister of State for Energy, Government of Maharashtra, Shri Madan Yerawar, shared: “LED based household lights could reduce energy consumption by 88% (as compared to ordinary bulbs) and 50% (as compared to CFLs). In order to promote the use of LEDs in residential areas, EESL in consultation with BEST and MSEDL has proposed the DELP (Demand Side management based Efficient Lighting Program) in the state of Maharashtra.”

He also added: “Our country has seen a considerable progress in the field of lighting technologies and through schemes like UJALA and SLNP, the government has promoted mass production, distribution and usage of LED bulbs. LED Expo Mumbai 2019 will give a great impetus to buyers and companies in the western regions of India to update themselves with various applications which are energy efficient, cost saving and environmental friendly.”

Other leading associations supporting LED Expo 2019 Mumbai include Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport(BEST),Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA),Bombay Suburban Electric SupplyRajdhani Power Ltd (BSES), Solar Energy Society of India (SESI) and Indian Building fCongress(IBC).

The progress of LED technologies used in the country has gone notches high starting from lights being just energy efficient to smart lights and app-operated lights that help with the overall development of lifestyle. Shri SurendrakumarBagde, General Manager, Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) shared: “In the metropolitan city of Mumbai, BEST has undertaken the project of replacing about 40,000 HPSV/MH street lamps by LED lights.”

He trusts that “LED Expo Mumbai will provide an opportunity for all to double their efforts in spreading the message of importance of LED lights and serve as a platform to educate the people of its advancements and commercial benefits.”

The show has been a pioneer force in introducing new trends and technologies to the Indian LED industry. It has successfully recognised the industry’s potential and brought in recognised and trusted names from domestic and international markets alike. With continuous rise in the number of exhibitors and visitors each year, LED Expo Mumbai has proved to be an apt event in the lighting arena to exchange and engage in lighting related knowledge and innovations with different stakeholders

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