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Make Your Own ESP8266-12E/F Module Programmer

This article describes a method for making a programmer for ESP8266-12 E/F Wi-Fi chip and also discusses the support circuitry required for real-time applications. NodeMCU board is a development kit that consists of ESP8266 Wi-Fi-enabled chip and many other support circuitries. It is a popular board, which is handy to work with Wi-Fi-related projects. But […]The post Make Your Own ESP8266-12E/F Module Programmer appeared first on Electronics For You.

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Forty Years of the Internet: How the World Changed for Ever

Nowadays, one cannot imagine life without the Internet. Arguably, the web is as revolutionary and ground-breaking invention as things like a printing press, the telegraph, or even the very technology of writing. Thanks to the Internet, billions of people across all over the world can communicate with each other, search for different kinds of information, work, and buy goods by merely using their PCs, Macs, or smartphones.  Although such global popularity and integrity of the Internet largely take its roots from the edge of the 20th and 21st centuries, this technology is much older than one may think. In reality, the web is more than 40 years old, and some technological advancements and ideas, which eventually led to its creation are even older. To help you to investigate the fascinating history of the Internet, our WriteMyEssayOnline team have collected a bunch of exciting facts about the web. The earliest years 1. One may track the Internet to as early as 1957. On that year, the Unit…

SPPL completes its 3 years as Kodak Brand licensee

Product launched under Kodak XPRO series – KODAK 43 4KXPRO, 50 4KXPRO and 55 4KXPROTVsExclusively available on Flipkart at attractive prices of Rs. 22,999 (KODAK 43 4KXPRO), Rs. 28,499 (50 4KXPRO) and 32,999 (55 4KXPROTVs) respectivelyThe products are equipped with Android Open Source 7.1.2 and support the apps such as Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime to offer the seamless viewing experienceNew Delhi, 30thAugust 2019 –India’s leading manufacturer of TVs and electronics, Super Plastronics Pvt. Ltd. (SPPL), a Kodak brand licensee, today announced the expansion of its XPRO series with the launch of KODAK 434KXPRO, 50 4KXPRO   and 55 4KXPROTVs. SPPL is celebrating its three consecutive successful years of selling KODAK HD LED TVs in the consumer electronics segment in India. These products are coupled with an impressive array of features like 1 GB memory and RAM capacity of up to 8 GB.According to 6Wresearch, India Smart TV market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 30.2% by 2024. Surge in nu…

Make Workshop: Makelangelo Vertical Plotter

This week we’re looking at a toy that has become a common occurance at Maker Faires all over the world. This is a vertical plotter by Marginally Clever Robots, called the Makelangelo. It comes nearly fully assembled in the box. You just have to slap a few bits and pieces […]Read more on MAKEThe post Make Workshop: Makelangelo Vertical Plotter appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

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Friday Product Post: Shoot for the Moon with Artemis!

Hello and welcome, everyone! It's Friday, once again, and we have a few new products to talk about that were released this last Wednesday as well as the announcement of TWO WEEKS OF FREE! So in case you missed it, we released our official, FCC Certified Artemis Module and accompanying RedBoards on the 28th to a fair amount of fanfare but we recognize that a lot of you don't expect product releases from us that early in the week, so we wanted to talk about each of them individually!Before we get to Artemis, though, we need to talk about our Two Weeks of Free Event that starts today! Are you ready to get your hands on some free gear? Better get ready, because we sense some good deals that might move Qwiic-ly. (See what we did there?) This year, we’re going to have two weeks of free gear. Both weeks will feature different items and you get to choose from among them. Think of it like a Choose Your Own Adventure, but with boards and sensors.Week One: Purchase either the Artemis Red…

Glenn Smith of Mouser Electronics Named Top CEO

August 29, 2019 – Glenn Smith, President and CEO of Mouser Electronics, has been named 2019’s Top Public CEO by Fort Worth Business Press. The prestigious award was presented at a luncheon August 28 at Fort Worth’s River Crest Country Club.Smith has been a recognized leader in the North Texas business community since 2004, when he was elevated to his position as President and Chief Executive Officer of Mouser Electronics, a global industry leader that inspires innovation by offering the widest and newest selection of semiconductors and electronic components.While still a college student, Smith joined the company as a part-time warehouse employee in 1973 when Mouser was essentially a startup operation in San Diego, Calif. Smith rose through the ranks, working in nearly all departments in multiple management roles. Smith’s leadership and tenure has seen Mouser grow from a small distribution company to one of the world’s largest electronic component distributors, with more than 2,500 emp…

iBall Products for Listicle

iBall Musi Boom:iBall Musi Boom is a portable BT and IPX7 waterproof speaker with fabric design and rugged rubber material suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with a massive battery for full day entertainment and multiple playback options such as BT and AUX. It acts as a power bank, so one can charge their devices using 5V / 1 Amp USB charge out port. Its comes with the extraordinary TWS Technology wherein 2 iBall Musi Boom speakers can be connected and played as wireless 2.0 speaker. It comes with a belt for easy carry and is available in 3 dynamic colours Black, Blue & Green. It has a total output of 30 W RMS (15 W x 2), Charging Time of 4 hours (5V 2Amp), Working Time* of 24 hours, its dimensions are 11.5 cm (H) x 27 cm (W) x 11 cm (D) and weighs 1.55 Kg.iBall Decibel Black Edition Headphones: The iBall Decibel Black Edition is a wireless BT 5.0 headset with mic with exceptional features such as built-in Alexa assistant, Multiple Playback Options such as FM, MicroSD, …

A Guide For Building Sustainable Smart Cities

Smart cities must fulfil the need for sufficient fresh water, universal access to cleaner energy, ability to travel efficiently from one point to another, sense of safety and security, among others. Smart cities need to be able to efficiently combine a smart physical layer (ability to use sensors to connect physical assets like buildings, public […]The post A Guide For Building Sustainable Smart Cities appeared first on Electronics For You.

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ASUS ROG launches ultraslim gaming with Zephyrus G (GA502)

New Delhi, August 30, 2019: Global tech major, ASUS launched ultra-slim gaming laptop ROG Zephyrus G (GA502). The newly launched laptop represents a compact and powerful gaming laptop, catering to a wide-ranging audience. Helmed under the ROG banners, the latest laptop by Asus builds on the legacy created by its predecessors. It not only covers all the gaming essentials but also extends an ultra-slim and compact experience at an affordable price bracket.Zephyrus G (GA502) supports passionate gamers throughout gruelling popular titles with its new NVIDIA® GeForce® 1660 Ti GPU. The battery life is optimised with energy-efficient AMD® Ryzen 7 APU, allowing gamers 8.8 hours of battery life, ample to support everyday productivity. The power-packed features are only improved with Asus Intelligent Cooling, thus optimising the performance as per the scenario. In a nutshell, Zephyrus G (GA502) is a futuristic offering the house of Asus ROG that blurs the lines between powerful gaming and ultra…

Simplify Power Delivery (PD) in Growing USB Type-C™ Charging Market with Two USB-PD Solutions from Microchip

Expanding portfolio adds certified USB 3.1 PD SmartHub IC with HostFlexing and PDBalancing plus standalone USB Type-C PD controller for simpler applicationsAugust 30, 2019, New Delhi — USB Type-C has become increasingly popular, and with the introduction of Power Delivery (PD), it is now possible to charge more types of devices – and charge faster – than ever before. To remove the traditional complexity and high costs associated with implementing USB Type-C, Microchip Technology Inc. (Nasdaq: MCHP) today announced two new solutions that simplify USB Type-C PD designs for a range of applications.As one of the industry’s first USB-IF-certified USB 3.1 SmartHub devices with integrated support for Power Delivery (TID1212), the USB705xfamily enables fast device charging and introduces unique PD implementations called HostFlexing and PDBalancing. The UPD301A is a standalone USB Type-C PD controller that significantly simplifies the implementation of basic USB Type-C PD charging functionalit… Will Recognise Your Speech in Any Indian Language!

In a linguistically diversified country like India, incorporation any smart voice or speech recognition system that understands all regional languages seems like an impossible mission. This is something the creators of took as a challenge and built their product., solves the problem of speech recognition for Indian languages, allowing the next 300 Million […]The post Will Recognise Your Speech in Any Indian Language! appeared first on Electronics For You.

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Increasing Acceptance of the Nascent 5G Network Accelerating Optical Spectrum Analyzer Sales: FMI’s Report

The global optical spectrum analyzer market was valued at ~ US$ 325 Mn in 2019, and is expected to increase at a CAGR of ~ 6% in the forecast period 2019-2029.Rising inclination of the demographic towards smartphones for performing online tasks, such as watching videos, sending mails, and others, is set to result in unprecedented transformation of the IT & Telecommunications industry in advance and emerging economies, finds study. As such, customers are leveraging affordable data pack tariffs offered by service providers and are widely accepting the nascent 5G network. Furthermore, automobile manufacturers are integrating 5G network in government-approved connected cars and driverless vehicles, leading to increasing incidents of network testing, which is set to be the next leg of growth of the market.The quest of providing fast-paced Internet connectivity in various brackets, for instance, automobile, healthcare, and others is amplifying, giving rise to futuristic network systems.…

Enginursday: Housing Fixtures

Connected devices have always held one appealing characteristic to me; making life easier. In recent months, I've added a number of connected devices to my house, most of them home automation related. while most are minor conveniences, one, in particular, has solved a huge problem for me, but in doing so has presented a new problem. In this Enginursday, electronics and 3d printing help me cover my outdoor connected outlet from precipitation.I both hate and love living in a Townhouse. On the one end, upkeep is minimal, on the other end, It's a jungle of red tape when I want to change/fix something on the exterior of the house. A poor drainage design has lead to my window well filling with water during heavy rainstorms. It's not something I can readily fix, yet it can't go unattended as it will leak into my basement if it gets too high. My solution has been a pump made for situations like this, fashioned into a makeshift sump pump. The pump has a float switch which, once…

Cool Crowdfunding: Glitch Textiles, Racing Quadcopter, and AI Companion

We receive so many pitches for crowdfunding projects. They pour into our inbox daily. Since crowdfunding is a bit of a gamble, it is always kind of hard to determine just how to write about these projects, considering that many of them may not ever deliver. Cool Crowdfunding is our […]Read more on MAKEThe post Cool Crowdfunding: Glitch Textiles, Racing Quadcopter, and AI Companion appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

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Home Automation System For Up To Four Devices

This project is designed to control up to four home electrical devices using Node-RED, Raspberry Pi and local Wi-Fi network. Node-RED is a flow-based development tool for visual programming. Node-RED Node-RED is a graphical user interface (GUI)-based programming platform. It is a powerful platform to make Internet of Things (IoT) applications just by connecting its […]The post Home Automation System For Up To Four Devices appeared first on Electronics For You.

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SkillUp Online signs an MoU with NASSCOM for NASSCOM FutureSkills

As part of the partnership, SkillUp Online will empower Indian working professionals and students
with industry-leading courses certified by NASSCOM.
New Delhi, August 29, 2019: SkillUp Online ( one of India’s leading on-demand learning platforms, has recently signed an MoU with NASSCOM Sector Skills Council for the NASSCOM FutureSkills portal. This partnership will enable SkillUp Online to empower Indian current and future working professionals with industry-leading courses (including Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Technologies, Cyber Security, Blockchain etc.) certified by NASSCOM.The ongoing digitization of new-age technologies are creating a massive skill gap in the IT-ITES industry. According to an estimate, out of the 4.5 million professionals employed in the industry today, around 1.5 to 2 million professionals will require reskilling in the coming four to five years. This is over and above the increasing demand for professionals in the horizontal ma…

Press Release_AI powered conversational analytics platform, Scoop to help brands glean unique insights from all customer conversations across voice, video, and, text

In a recent development that highlights how rep-customer interactions can be leveraged to gain market intelligence. Scoop, a Mumbai based startup, has developed an AI-powered conversational analytics platform designed to help Inside Sales teams to maximize sales conversion optimization.Scoop leverages machine learning to mine insights from customer conversations across voice, video, and text sources to discover sales opportunities. The insights gleaned by the AI can be utilized to coach sales representatives, helping them win more deals with more efficient conversations over time.Conversations between a sales representative and a customer are a storehouse of valuable information that usually lies untapped.These conversations usually happen across channels and mediums. Scoop ensures that all the conversations are transcribed and searchable, which are then mined by ML algorithms to uncover unique market insights. The platform provides a clear and timely view of customer intent, while re…

Indium Corporation Features WS-446HF Flip-Chip and Ball-Attach Flux at CSPT 2019

Indium Corporation will feature its WS-446HF Flux for both flip-chip and ball-attach processes at the China Semiconductor Packaging Test (CSPT) Technology & Marketing Annual Conference, September 8-10, Wuxi, China.WS-446HF flux is a robust, NIA (no intentionally addedhalogen-free, water-wash flux that is designed to provide one simple solution to complicated applications, especially those with a single cleaning step for both BGA ball-attach and flip-chip processes. It has a powerful activator system to promote good wetting on even the most demanding substrate metallizations, such as Cu OSP, ENEPIG, and ENIG. WS-446HF helps to improve production yield by minimizing non-wet open defects, missing balls, and eliminating electrochemical migration (ECM). WS-446HF:Promotes excellent solderability and wetting on a wide range of surfacesCleans well with room temperature DI waterEliminates ECM or dendrite formation caused by residueFrom water-soluble and ultra-low/near-zero residue no-cle…

India Cellular And Electronic Association welcomes the Single Brand Retail Trade (SBRT) Reforms

SBRT reforms will have a long-lasting impact in boosting market hygiene, enhancing customer satisfaction and most importantly raising mobile handset retail to international standards. Iconic stores of global standards have a symbolic value for the nation too”, Pankaj Mohindroo, ICEA. New Delhi, 28, August, 2019 – The India Cellular & Electronics Association (ICEA) has welcomed the Government’s decision to usher inappropriate reforms to the existing Single Brand Retail Trade (SBRT) which will now paved the way for establishment of iconic brands by global brands such as Apple, One Plus, Oppo, Vivo etc. “The mobile handset industry in India specially the smartphone segment is expected to witness a surge in turnover during the next 4-5 years with the domestic market demand expected to surge from the current US$25 Billion to US$80 Billion by 2025 as per National Policy on Electronics (NPE), 2019. Coupled with the device’s unparalleled capability to significantly enhance various facets o…