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11 Best Lawn Edgers 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

With the best lawn edger, you can achieve the trim and tidy look of a perfectly edged lawn. It is used for clean cutting of the space between lawn and the sidewalk. So, choosing the right tool for your lawn will definitely make the difference in their work.

You can prevent unruly weed from invading the lawn and maintain a well – cared lawn that has perfect well – trimmed edge around the flowerbed (to expand an existing one or mark out the edges for a new one) or lawn with this lawn edger.  

A small outlook of lawn edgers is explained in tabular form….

Types Lawn Size Weight Price Range Maintenance
Manual Small Light weight $20 – $55 Low
Electric Powered Medium  moderate $50 – $100 Medium
Gas Powered Large Heavy weight $150 – $550 High

To know all about lawn edger, just go through the below mentioned Buying Guide and have a look on some Best top selling lawn edgers online in India, to reduce your shopping stress and online research time for best lawn edgers and finally choose the best that suits your requirement. 

Best Lawn Edgers

Lawn Edgers Dimensions
Type Warranty Weight Buy Now
WORX WG163 GT 3.0 Lawn Edger 36.3 X 7.5 X 5.5 Cordless Battery 3 years 5.3 lbs Check the Price
WORX WG896 Lawn Edger 22.6 X 14.1 X 11 Corded Electric 3 years 14 lbs Check the Price
Black + Decker Besta 510 Lawn Edger Check the PriceBlack + Decker LE760FF Lawn Edger Check the PriceGreenworks Lawn Edger Check the PriceAMES Lawn Edger Check the PriceTruper Lawn Edger Check the PriceSouthland Lawn Edger Check the PriceMcLane Lawn Edger Check the PriceEarthquake Lawn Edger Check the PriceTroy – Bilt Lawn Edger Check the Price
8.5 X 4.9 X 37.6 Corded Electric 2 years 5.3 lbs
23 X 10 X 12 Corded Electric 2 years 13 lbs
22.8 X 19 X 11.8 Corded Electric 4 years 17 lbs
14.1 X 1.5 X 39.3 Manual ------ 13.6 ounce
57.6 X 5.8 X 3.2 Manual 10 years 3.83 lbs
30.3 X 19.3 X 18.5 Gas Powered 2 years 64.8 lbs
29.8 X 19 X17 Gas Powered 2 years 66.3 lbs
30.5 X 15.5 X 21 Gas Powered 5 years 60 lbs
15 X 24.5 X 14.5 Gas Powered 2 years 28 lbs

Best Lawn Edgers: 2020 Reviews

Here we are providing the reviews of the best lawn edgers available online in Indian market. We included all types of lawn edgers along with their positive & negative remarks. All you need is to choose the best one that suits your needs and requirements. 

1. WORX WG163 GT 3.0 Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

WORX WG163 GT 3.0 Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

With this WORX WG163 2 in 1 GT, you can make use of trimmer and edger without buying them separately. It works as a string trimmer and a wheel edger with an innovative push button command feed spool system for instant line feeding along with free spools for life.

It comes with 2 powerful, rechargeable and lightweight 20V power share max lithium ion batteries in which you can use these batteries on any other tool of WORX power share family. The rubberized wheels will provide support and guide the edger to perform its operation of cleaner cuts to give professional straighter looking lines. Suitable for small to medium sized lawns. 

The head tilts 90⁰ which allows you to trim and edge on the sloped terrain and hard to reach places. The adjustable spacer guard will allow you not to damage the plants, lawn ornaments and landscape features while you’re trimming. The product comes with 20V battery with charger.

Product Information:

  • Cutting Diameter – 12 inches
  • Machine Weight – 5.3 lbs
  • Cutting Line Length – 10 inches
  • Line Diameter – 0.065 inches
  • No-Load Speed – 7600 rpm 
  • Dimensions – 36.3 X 7.5 X 5.5 inches
  • Voltage – 20 volts
  • Product Warranty – 3 years and guarantee for battery & charger – 1 year


  • This cordless edger performs a smart work (both trimming and edging) with tool free adjustment and command feed.
  • Light weight and easy to handle even in hard to reach areas such as like under swingsets or landscaping for cutting the overgrown grass and weeds. 
  • You can adjust the height and length of this edger as per your preference and comfort for trimming, mowing or edging the lawn. 
  • It is safe to use and easy to maintain with stylish design that has a binary function for flower spacing barrier. 


  • Some user’s complaint that the life of the battery lasts for a few minutes (30 minutes) even though charging it completely.
  • Not suitable for large sized lawns and heavily weeded areas. 
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2. WORX WG896 Electric Lawn Edger and Trencher

WORX WG896 Electric Lawn Edger and Trencher

WORX tools are designed to perform with precision and this WG 896 is a powerful electric coded yet light weight and easy to use (easy to push) lawn edger. The blade is made of heavy duty steel and serrated edges that effectively clean the edge along the straight lines and the wear indicators will indicate when to replace the blade.

It is easy to assemble and unplug the device while cleaning out the clogs and replacing the blade. The adjustable handle (D grip handle) pivots will give you a maximum comfort and control over your work.  The adjustable shaft will make you to use this edger at a comfortable position (of any height and length). 

Ideal for small to medium sized lawns and the 12 Amp motor spins along with blade fast of 4700 rpm will give a professional looking lines and edges. The cutting line indicator will help you to stay on the straight and narrow with the cutting line and finally, after edging you will notice the difference of neat lush garden and flowerbed. 

Product Information:

  • Weight – 14 lbs
  • Dimensions – 22.6 X 14.1 X 11 inches
  • Product Warranty – 3 years and guarantee for battery & charger – 1 year
  • Voltage – 120 V
  • Blade Cutting Depth – 3 Level Adjustments (1 inch, 1 – 1/4 inch and 1 – 1/2 inch)
  • Blade Size Diameter – 7 ½ inches
  • Required Electricity – 12 Amp
  • Blade Speed – 4700 revolutions per minute (rpm)


  • It is designed in a compact size with professional style cutting of faster operation.
  • Comes with ergonomics handles that provides you to adjust the height and length of the edger for comfortable edging of the lawn. 
  • Suitable for digging small trenches, in-depth cutting along flower beds and sidewalks edging, as it creates a clean, neat and precise cut.
  • The cutting line indicator will guide the blade to cut exactly around the edges of your lawn.
  • The 2 back wheels and a single front will provide the edger to work with stability and push it forward easily on its wheels.
  • Easy to assemble and this 2 in 1 lawn tool will save your time and energy.


  • Need an extension cord with sufficient supply of electricity to perform its operation.
  • Some users say that the rear blade gets caught while operating in thick grass and also not ideal to use for wet or damp lawn and also for medium to large sized lawns. 
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3. Black + Decker Besta 510 AFS Electric String Trimmer & Edger

Black + Decker Besta 510 AFS Electric String Trimmer & Edger

This Black+ Decker Besta works well on tough weeds and overgrown grass. You can simply put the finishing touches on the lawn edges around the flowerbeds, sidewalks and driveways. The Automatic Feed Spool (AFS) technology of this electric coded lawn edger will eliminate bumping for more string and the cord retention system will help to prevent accidental unplugging while working. 

Both edging and trimming will became fast and convenient with this 2 in 1 lawn machine. It is opt for working in small gardens with its compact design that can be transformed easily from trimmer to edger and vice versa. 

The 6.5 Amp motor will give an ample amount of performance that uniformly cut the grass to maintain the beauty of the garden. The height and length of the wheel is easily adjusted to have comfortable trimming or edging. The packages comes with Besta 510 string trimmer, AF 100 Spool, Auxiliary Handle and guard.

Product Information:

  • Weight – 5.3 lbs
  • Extension Cord – 2 to 3 pronged
  • Line Diameter – 0.065 inches
  • Voltage – 120V
  • Blade Speed – 8000 rpm
  • Cutting Diameter – 14 inches
  • Electricity – 6.5 Amp
  • Warranty – 2 year limited
  • Dimensions – 8.5 X 4.9 X 37.6 inches


  • Easy to assemble, use and clean the device. 
  • It is designed to meet the customer requirement with automatic feed spool technology and cord retention system.
  • Works well on overgrowth grass and tough weeds
  • Suitable for small to medium sized yards 


  • Some customers say that the quality of this product is not up to the mark.
  • Requires a separate extension cord (2 – 3 prong) with enough power source to get its work done properly.
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4. Black + Decker LE760FF Landscape Edger and Trencher

Black + Decker LE760FF Landscape Edger and Trencher

This Black + Decker LE760FF is an exclusive pull up edge guide will easily converts from landscape trencher to edger. This electric coded devices comes with three position blade depth and handle adjustments will give a complete control over the cutting and edging. 

The built-in cord retention will keep the extension cord secure while using to prevent accidental unplugging. The 12-Amp high torque motor will effectively tackles tough overgrowth and creates a clean –looking trenches. Prefer to use 12 gauge (or 3 prong) extension cord for its operating. 

The edging mode will guide for straight edging along hard surfaces and trenching mode will guide for cutting beds and shaping borders. The BLACK + DECKER eb – 007 edge hob heavy duty edger replacement blade will come along with this product. Quick and hassle free assembly that has hardened steel blade and adjustable handle. 

Product Information:

  • Dimensions – 23 X 10 X 12 inches
  • Weight – 13 lbs
  • Blade Speed – 4700 rpm
  • Cutting Blade Length – 7 ½ inches
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Voltage – 110 to 120 V 
  • Depth Adjustment Settings – 3 Positions (1, 1 ¼, 1 ½ inches)


  • It not only work as an edger but also digs trenches to help you plant bushes or trees, fencing or install outdoor lighting. 
  • The adjustable blades and handle will provide control over the depth and angle of trimming. 
  • This corded electric edger is lightweight and easy to handle and acts as a best alternative for gas powered or manual edger why because it reduces the physical strain.
  • Suitable for small to medium sized garden that produce a professional looking edge.


  • Some user’s complaint that the quality of the product is not up to the mark and the battery life is too short. 
  • The blades gets easily dull and blunt up on a few uses and also comes with plastic construction.
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5. Greenworks Corded Edger 27032

Greenworks Corded Edger 27032

This Greenworks 27032 coded electric edger runs on 12 Amp motor to deliver powerful edging capabilities. The double edged blade will provide you with robust edging capabilities and longer wear (up to 1.5 inches deep). The auxiliary handle is adjustable to add comfort and control to the user and the integrated cord lock will prevent the accidental unplugging while using the device. 

The spring assist front wheel will provide variable blade depth with preferred movements for perfect edging along flower beds, sidewalks and driveways. This corded electric edger is lightweight which is easy to use and control and suits best for cutting and manicuring a small yard. Requires 100 ft. extension cord to perform edging of your lawn. 

Product Information:

  • Warranty – 4 years
  • Dimensions – 22.8 X 19 X 11.8 inches
  • Weight – 17 lbs
  • Cutting Blade Length – 7.5 inches


  • The Greenworks products won’t release an ounce of carbon emission while performing its operation. 
  • Comes with solid construction that makes you easy to control and manoeuvre
  • The cutting can be quite easier and faster without much effort.


  • Not suitable for cutting overgrown grass and thick weeds.
  • Some users’ complaint that the tool has plastic blade guard with a few flimsy screws which gets loose easily and also the replacement blades are expensive. 
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6. AMES 2917200 Saw Tooth Border Edger with T – Grip

AMES 2917200 Saw Tooth Border Edger with T – Grip

The AMES 2917200 border edger will work in creating edges in driveways, patios, kerbs or garden. It is a manual edger is lightweight, strong and durable that gives good looking garden lines. To remove grass and keep mulch in the beds, you have to use this manual edger to separate ground cover area, and flowers from lawns. 

It comes with an ergonomic design which makes you easy to use and reduce your strain or pain while edging the lawn. Simply step your foot on the edger where you want to edge the area. The steel handled edger that makes it durable and rust resistant for its longevity. You can use this product for years with multiple uses. 

Product Information:

  • Dimensions – 14.1 X 1.5 X 39.3 inches
  • Blade Dimensions – 5 inches high and 9 inches wide
  • Weight – 13.6 ounces
  • Warranty – No
  • Size – 39 inches


  • The handles of this landscape border edger will make it easy to use without any strain and pain.
  • Simply place your foot on the wide foot plate to create an edge with consistent cutting depth.
  • Strong and durable construction that comes with antirust finish and weather resistant.
  • Provide clean borders around walkways and flower beds with its arched, saw tooth blade design with steel T grip.
  • No need to assemble the product, as it comes with strong and durable steel handles, unique foot plate and serrated blade slices
  • Effectively removes sod with ease and suitable for small sized lawns. 


  • Not ideal for edging medium to large sized lawns and also time consuming. 
  • Causes some physical strain and stress due to applying some pressure to edge the lawn manually.
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7. Truper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Lawn Edger

Truper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Lawn Edger

This Truper Tru Tough Rotary Lawn Edger with dual wheel and ash lacquered handle will come with strength, comfort, and durability. It keep the sidewalks clear of weeds and grass. The heads of this edger are made from coated gray steel with silicon spray. This edger has two wheels and handle with advanced technology to work effectively and quickly.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions – 57.6 X 5.8 X 3.2 inches
  • Weight – 3.83 pounds
  • Warranty – 10 year free replacement warranty
  • Size – 48 inches
  • Style – Dual Wheel Rotary Lawn Edger


  • The double wheel design will give you proper balance while edging 
  • Durable material that performs quality work in trimming / edging weeds and grass 
  • Affordable lawn edger with good cutting action


  • The drawback is that you need to spend more time and be patience to edge your lawn manually.
  • Hard to use, as you have apply some physical force to operate this edger and also used for small sized yards.
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8. Southland SWLE0799 79cc Walk Behind Gas Lawn Edger

Southland SWLE0799 79cc Walk Behind Gas Lawn Edger

Use this Southland lawn edger to get professional landscaping look why because the edger is equipped with a 79cc OHV engine which delivers a 3.5 foot pounds of torque. The manual recoil easy start technique will start the edger quickly and easily. We can adjust the triangular three 9 inch blades up to five different depth positions for cutting maximum of about 2.5 inch. 

Also, you can adjust the blade 15 degrees left or right for beveled edging. The adjustable front and rear wheels will provide a curb hopping ability to swiftly slide through the tough and hard edges. It is easy to assemble and runs quietly with its sturdy metal frame and blade guard to protect the edger while operating. It is EPA and CARB certified that leaves your lawn look professional manicured.

Product Information:

  • Cutting depth – 2 inches
  • Cutting Blade Depth Positions – 5 levels (up to 2 ½ inch)
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Dimensions – 30.3 X 19.3 X 18.5 inches
  • Weight – 64.8 pounds


  • It comes with triangular 3 point blade, 5 depth positions, bevel adjustments and curb hopping feature. 
  • Suitable to use for medium to large or commercial lawn.
  • Made of sturdy material with durability and performs its operation quickly, easily and safely.


  • Make sure to fuel the stabilizer if you kept edger unused for about 30 days.
  • Some customers’ complaint that there is a small leakage of oil from the gasoline tank.
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9. McLane 101 – 5.5GT – 7 Gas Powered Lawn Edger

McLane 101 – 5.5GT – 7 Gas Powered Lawn Edger

This McLane 101 – 5.5 GT gas powered lawn edger will come with 5.50 gross torque and 3.5 horsepower B&S engine that make your lawn or outdoor space look beautiful. This edger and trimmer general use single lever blade clutch and depth control to cut the lawn exactly you want.

This edger cut either horizontally or vertically and smoothly due to its wide rubber tires with ball bearing wheels. You can tilt the blade easily at any angle to trim flat at any height. It is designed in such a way that it meets all the established safety standards. 

The trimmer is to ride on most curbs that gives clean cut and the cutter head is precision machined uses sealed precision ball bearing on 2 X 9 inches spring steel blade. This is suitable for commercial gardens and large size lawns that gives a professional look. 

Product Information:

  • Dimensions – 29.8 X 19 X 17 inches
  • Weight – 66.3 pounds
  • Warranty – 2 years


  • It has sturdy build with powerful capacity and have good control over edging.
  • The 8 –inch wheels will provide perfect balance to give a precise cut every single time. 
  • Light weight and easy to use with quiet to operate


  • Have throttle design flaw and curb wheel is not included. 
  • Takes some time to get assembled and a bit pricey. 
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10. Earthquake 23275 Walk behind Landscape and Lawn Edger

Earthquake 23275 Walk behind Landscape and Lawn Edger

This edger comes with 79 cc viper powerful engine with centrifugal clutch to handle edging in hard and tough areas. The pivoting head of this edger will allow for multiple edging and cutting angles. The chain debris link guard will protect the operator from those dirt particles and flying debris while operating. 

The handlebars is built in such a way that it has handy tool and drink storage purpose. The 4 wheel design will provide you with stable control for clean and straight lines. 

Product Information:

  • Dimensions – 30.5 X 15.5 X 21 inches
  • Weight – 60 pounds
  • Warranty – 5 years
  • Front Wheel Diameter – 6.5 inches
  • Rear Wheel Diameter – 7.5 inches
  • Maximum Edging Depth – 3.5 inches
  • Edger Blade – 3400 rpm


  • Solid product with great performance at affordable price.
  • It cuts clean lines and thereby clean up the edges with ease
  • Comes with features like tool holder, chain debris guard, pivoting head and 79 cc viper engine.
  • Suitable to use for medium to large sized lawns.


  • Time consuming for assembly, as it is difficult to understand the user manual.
  • Need some regular maintenance for its longevity and proper working. 
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11. Troy – Bilt TB516 EC Edger with Jump Start Technology

Troy – Bilt TB516 EC Edger with Jump Start Technology

This lawn edger comes with heavy duty 9 inch dual tipped steel blade that cut your edge perfectly along the sidewalks and driveways with its 1.75 inch max depth. Its jump start technology will provide an easy start with a smooth steady pull. The foldable ergonomic handle design with a handle mounted throttle will provide easy storage, smooth operation with effective control over the machine. 

The 3 transport wheels with 6 adjustable height levels will provide proper balance, stability and control to get right cut for the yard. The edger is powered by reliable 29cc 4 cycle engine in which there is no need to mix gas and oil.

Product Information:

  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Maximum Edge Depth – 1.75 inches
  • Blade – 9 inch dual – edge blade
  • Depth Positions – 6 levels
  • Handle – V style
  • Wheels – 3 Transport wheels
  • Fuel Capacity – .4 qt
  • Weight – 28 pounds
  • Dimensions – 15 X 24.5 X 14.3 inches.


  • The 9-inch dual tip blade will cut up to 2.5 inches depth which will give a clean edge in your lawn.
  • For a quick, easy and frustration free start, this edger comes with a JumpStart technology that prevents the need to pull cord. 
  • Durable steel frame construction in which spring assist will start to pull the cord easier. 


  • Requires some regular maintenance for its proper usage and longevity. 
  • Some customers complaint that the quality of this product is not up to the mark. 
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Buying Guide for Lawn Edger – How to Choose the Best One

Lawn edgers come in variety of sizes and types but make sure to check it whether the tool is suitable for your lawn type and suitable your requirement or not. Here, we are providing you with all the essential information that required to choose the best lawn edger. 

What is a Lawn Edger?

Lawn edger is an effective garden tool that widely used to get rid of weeds and trim grass around the edgers of the lawn. Act as the best alternative to the trimmer and lawn mowers which are unable to trim the hard to reach places. They can be available in various designs and types that definitely fulfil your needs and requirements.

Types of Lawn Edger

Before buying the lawn edgers, you have to consider its types that available in the market. To simply your search then you can determine the lawn edger with their power source and the effort required to operate it. Let’s know its different types along with which one is best to use as per your requirement.

  • Manual Lawn Edger

This is the most common type of lawn edger in which you may easily find in a farm setting. Suitable for small lawn or edging around 1 – 2 small flower bed or delicate beds. This lawn edger has a sharp rotating wheel on the end with long handle in which the user has to walk behind or push it manually from there. Although, it requires more of manual work (no motor or no fuel is required) but works great precision (that depends on the gardener’s ability of using this edger).

  • Electric Lawn Edger

In general, the electric lawn edgers comes with both corded and cordless for perfect edging of your yard area and also easier to start and light weight when compared with petrol models. The corded variety comes with plug that directly kept into a power source by using an extension lead through which the user can reach to all the areas of the garden for edging. Suitable to use for clearing up the edges of average – sized lawns or gardens. 

Whereas the cordless lawn edger simply runs on the powerful battery in which you can take them virtually to anywhere of the lawn freely to edge it without the constraints of the cord. But remember to charge the battery every time before using it. So, be sure to use a great capacity battery that last longer. 

  • Gas Powered Lawn Edger

This gas powered lawn edger uses a powerful engine that provides more effective work at tackling more lawn quickly. These are heavier, louder and more expensive than cord and cordless models. This petrol lawn edgers come with either 2- stroke (runs on oil and petrol mix) or 4 – stroke engines in which 4-stroke engine (run on petrol) is more powerful and emits less pollution.

Especially, useful if the lawn is covered in hedges, weeds and other rough brambles or else if you have a large lawn area to clean. However, they occupy more space and require additional maintenance. But make sure that the powerful emissions and fumes may get emitted from this type of gas or petrol powered lawn edger. 

Things to Consider when Buying the Lawn Edger:

One has to consider certain things like which type is suitable for your lawn, its blade shape, pre and post maintenance, the lawn size, etc. before buying the lawn edger. So, here are some important aspects which you have to ponder to grasp the lawn edger that suits best for your lawn edging job.

1. Power Source

Whether you’re using manual, electric or gas powered lawn edgers, you should know their own advantages and disadvantages before using them. So, choose them as per the size of your lawn and your requirement. 

2. Yard Size

The size of your lawn will decide which type of lawn edger you have to prefer. Like for larger areas, you have to prefer the edger that is electric or gas powered for faster cleaning of the edge areas without exerting more energy. For smaller yard, you can simply opt for a manual or electric lawn edger to do your work.

3. Blade Type

Different models of the lawn edgers comes with different blade type, as the blade shape and style depends on the design of the lawn edger to perform its work. They provide with wider gap between the path and the grass to make your lawn look neat and clean. Also, choose angled blades (we are able to angle) for different angled finishes rather than straight blades that run perpendicular to the ground. 

4. Construction

Always prefer to choose an edger that is strong enough to perform its operation easily to manoeuvre on the hard surface but it won’t be wobbly or flimsy. We find some lawn edgers require to assemble before using it while others are ready to use. Also, the height adjustable handle will definitely ease your work of edging the lawn properly.

5. Number of Wheels

To get more precise edging while cutting, the edger should has two or more number of wheels to assist with balance.

6. Multi Usage

The users are searching for the product that offers multiple uses. So, the lawn edgers are coming with additional features like edge trimmer or mini mower. So, it is worthwhile to invest in the lawn edger that performs multiple functions. 

7. Maintenance

Every product need some maintenance to enhance its performance and for its longevity. Even for lawn edgers require maintenance regardless of their power source but differs. The gas powered edger require more maintenance then electric one and the least is manual edger. 

8. Blades & Blade Height

In general, the blades are made of hardened steel in which after some repeated uses, you need to buy a new blade why because the blade will get into contact with the concrete path while clearing the edges. So, opt for a model that allows you buy ready to use replacement blades. 

Also, the height of the blade should be adjustable easily. The blade guard is essential to safeguard you while edging the lawn or else you will be spraying the dirt and debris all around during the edging process.

9. Weight

Weight is another aspect to consider while buying the lawn edger. The size and the type of the edger will affect the weight. Although, a heavier model is powerful and durable but it is difficult to push around and thereby gets tired easily. It is not the same for lightweight or moderate edgers.

10. Price

Most of us, want the best deal on the product within our budget range. All you need is to consider the performance of the product, which reduces your stress and strain in maintaining a precise edge between lawn and path. 

  • For manual model, the price range will be around $20 to $55
  • For electric & cordless models, the price range will be $50 to $100
  • For petrol model, the price range will be $150 to $550 (4 – Stroke engines are more expensive).

Benefits of Lawn Edger

The lawn edger will make your lawn exactly how you want to look. Other than it, this tool offers a lot of benefits that makes your life a lot easier in making your lawn beautiful. You came to know by scrolling down the page.

Easy to Use – It is easy to understand and use this lawn edger but not like other garden tool that are severe and complex to figure out. The user can easily feel comfort to use it while edging their lawn for couple of times.

Efficient – To grab a neat, clean and tidy look of your lawn, the edger will work efficiently to give you the best results like professionally groomed by cutting the overgrown grass in the edges.

Manage Grass Growth – Some type of grass grows quickly and you can restrict their growth in the areas like from pavements or gap areas by using this lawn edger and also direct the grass growth in the required areas. 

Maintain Flowerbed – Most gardeners prefer to maintain flowerbeds in the lawns. The edger with its rotating blades helps to clear the debris or grass or develop a trench around the flowerbeds to prevent accumulation of water and thereby improves the health of flowers.

Maintenance – The lawn edger doesn’t cause much wear and tear and won’t require any special efforts. It does not need high maintenance why because they are used occasionally to remove the grass on the lawn edges. 

Versatility – There are various options and customizations makes the lawn edger a flexible and versatile tool. It has different blades with different heights that offers different types of cuts to fulfil your requirement, especially if your lawn has not in same size or shape and the edger has to deal with all parts of the lawn. 

Lawn Care – To maintain your lawn neat with aesthetically pleasing, the lawn edger works as a preventive measure by restricting the grass growth and resolving the weeds issue. 

How to Edge the Lawn – Detailed Process

Here is the step by step process that explains you how to use the edger to edge your lawn area effectively.

  • After mowing and marking your lawn for edging process, take an edger and position it right against the cement.
  • If you prefer to use manual edger then simply push down the blade into soil by using your leg strength. Firmly hold the stick and set the foot on your edger. Push down the edger with the foot to get through the soil and use blade to cut through turf and to edge your lawn.
  • If you’re choosing an electric or gas edger then simply turn on the engine to activate the cutting blades. Then walk slowly with the tool to cut the grass in a way where you marked the path earlier. But make sure to maintain a control over the edger tool.
  • Aim to cut about 2 inches deep for maintaining an even cut and to get control over the spread of weeds and grass roots. Not to go deep enough why because it disrupt the lawn appearance.
  • Clear all the debris and cut grass (by using a strong rake) after every 5 – 6 feet to check whether you’re on the straight line and mot deviated from the path which you marked earlier.
  • Once you done the process then use hand shears (or electric weed whacker or lawn trimmer) to trim back the grass (if any left) in the way where you just edged. 

Tips and Precautions for Safe Edging of your Lawn

We know that some inherent risks involved while using the garden power tools. So, safety is one of the important thing to consider and this lawn edger is not an exception why because it has high speed rotating blade and the risk of ejected material. 

  • Wear safety glasses or goggles to keep your eyes safe from flying debris in case the edger kick up while edging your lawn.
  • Always select International Standards Approved Safety Equipment while buying a new lawn edger or replacing your old lawn edger. 
  • Use ear plugs or ear muffs for hearing protection why because it creates some sound while clearing the debris in the edges of your lawn, especially if you’re using gas powered model. 
  • Prefer to wear protective clothing like a pair of long pants and steel capped boots and while edging your lawn to protect your legs. 
  • If you’re using electric model, then prefer to use right extension lead and also avoid using more than one extension cord why because the edger may not been earthed properly.
  • Make sure to mow your entire lawn before trimming the edges, as it will save your time and effort of trimming the lawn to remove any patchy sports that was missed while mowing the yard. 
  • Lay a 20 – 30 feet rope or hose along the path as a mark where you are edging and leave 1/2 inch space between the mark and the edge of the lawn. Marking will make your keep on the track while you trim the edges.
  • Just walk along the path (where you marked) to remove the large roots, stones, rocks and other obstacles or else it will damage the edger blades. Also, make sure to check the places that not to be digging where there is a power or water lines or manhole to access sewer pipes. 
  • If you’re ground is fairly moist then edge around the outskirts of the flowerbed or lawn why because it is easy to cut through the dry earth. If you’re in cold climate then avoid edging the flowerbeds why because the ground is frozen hard and difficult to perform your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Edge the Lawn without the Lawn Edger?

Most of the gardeners use string trimmers instead of lawn edger to make their work done of clearing the messy lawn edges. But you should know how to use this trimmer properly for edging your lawn.

Simply use the string trimmer in vertical position and walk along the path to get a neat trim. It would be best if you remove the stones, small rocks, and other debris in that path before edging. Tilt the machine to take away all the weeds in the path (either on the driveway or sidewalk) without getting into contact with the pavement. 

2. How to know the edger is working in perfect condition?

We all know that regular maintenance is essential to keep the product work perfectly for a longer time. Here are a few tips that help you to take care of this edger.

Inspect the engine regularly Make sure that the engine belts should not be frayed or cracked. If you find the belts damaged then stop running the machine or else it will ruin the whole lawn edger. Also, lubricate the engine and prevent removing excess debris will prevent stucking the recoil. 

Check the Oil Levels Always check the oil before starting the engine to avoid some problems. Check the dipstick and clear any harmful dust and debris from entering into the machine. Also, change the oil and inspect it as per manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Air Filter For proper maintenance of engine, you have to inspect the air filter why because the debris and dirt will get inside the machine and air filters due to outdoor environment. Also, replace the air filters as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Clean Engine You have to use a clean cloth to wipe off the harmful debris and dirt from the engine. If you won’t take care on the engine then it became susceptible to leakers, loose parts and damaged components. Tighten the loose parts to prevent any leaks or vibrations and also replace the parts when needed. 

3. How and When to Replace the Lawn Edger Blades?

Generally, the edger blade is likely to wear down which makes you to replace it with time. You have to replace or sharpen your blades when they appear dull. Here are some instructions that you have to follow while you want to replace the blades. 

  • Power to be disconnected – While replacing the blades, you have to disconnect the power and switch off the machine. If you’re using a gas powered lawn edger then remove spark plug and if you have electrically powered lawn edger then switch off the electricity. 
  • Safety Tips – Wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands before beginning the process and remove the blade by using an adjustable wrench. 
  • Fix the new one – Invest in the perfectly fixed new blade in the place of old one and ensure its proper working functionality.
  • Install – Install the new blade in the same manner where you removed the old one. Position the washers in the correct locations and tighten up the nuts and screws by using an adjustable wrenches. 

4. What are the different types of Blades?

There are various types of blades available for the lawn edger and some most common types are flat rectangular blades, star shaped blades and flat blades with scoop cut. Let’s know about each type of blades and their benefits in detail.

  • Flat Blade with Scoop Cut – Suitable for edging the delicate areas like plants, flower beds or other places which are disturbed by rough cutting. The scooped end design will help you to achieve a clean cut without much strain. Also, this blade will prevent the spread of weeds to all over the flower bed. 
  • Star Shaped Blade – The sharp points of this blade makes it ideal for edging fences, walls and other kinds of solid barriers. It also keeps the shrubbery and hedges in control and also works great for aiding plantation of seeds and enhancing aeration.
  • Flat Rectangular Blade – They has sharp edges on the opposite corners. Prefer to use for gas or electric models but not for manual edger why because it causes trouble rotating the blade in a tough weed and thick soil areas. 

5. What is the difference between trimming and edging?

The main difference between the edger and trimmer is that edger is used to create a new boundary whereas the trimming will assist you in maintaining the boundary. 

6. What is meant by power edging?

The removal of overgrown grass or unwanted sod from the lawn area by using a metal blade is termed as power edging. All you need is to mark the edges where you want to make relevant edging and perform power edging to make your lawn look beautiful.

7. Where the half-moon edger is used for?

The half-moon edger is used in the areas where you want to maintain the edge of your lawn. It works well to give the excellent results with regards to performance. 

8. Which is Best – Manual or Motorized Lawn Edger?

Both works well in their field, you have to decide whether to use manual or motorized lawn edger for your lawn. If you have a small sized lawn, then you can choose the manual one that comes with metal or wooden pole with a semi-circular blade at the end (like a small shovel) in which you have to apply pressure using your foot and best suited in moist grounds. Whereas the motorized edger comes with 2 settings – one to cut the turf and the other to trim the grass. Works on a power source with a machine and suitable for medium to large sized lawns. 

Wrapping Up:

We hope the buying guide has provided all the information that are essential to choose and buy the lawn edger. All the above mentioned lawn edger products are best-selling online in which you can pick one for edging your lawn. To simplify your shopping time, our experts’ advice you to choose…

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