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The Top 7 Personal Finance Apps this digital age for 2020

Introduction to Finance Apps :

Spendthrift ways can get the best of any of us.  You need to get your spending habits under control before you lose your stable monetary condition. But let’s be real, this is no easy feat. Managing your money isn’t exactly easy and takes a lot of compromises.

In this digital age, one doesn’t really get time to manually note down his/her weekly and monthly expenses or create a budget plan. Thankfully, we live in the 21st century; they have apps for nearly everything now, including personal finance!

Personal finance apps will connect to your bank account and keep you updated on your spending, your earnings, your bill payments, and your credit score.  These apps also come with several different features (reminders, shared wallets, bill due to date alerts, etc.) We’ve scoured the internet and come up with the top seven personal finance apps this year.

1. Mint

If you’re looking for an app with the best overall features, Mint is the one for you and it’s completely free. Available for both iOS and Android, Mint brings together your bank accounts, credit cards, bills and investments for you in one place. It helps to categorize all your transactions and investments so you can see where your money is going. You can also create a budget for yourself to help guide you. They have added free access to your credit score along with a breakdown of the factors contributing to your credit score. Mint will also send you e-mail reminders of all your bills or add their respective due dates to your phone’s calendar.

2. Prism

Prism is a free personal finance app available for both iOS and Android which will help you with bills management. Prism will show you all your bills and financial accounts in one place to help you take a look at your finances easily. The app boasts – and rightfully so- to have more billers than any other app, over 11,000 billers. don’t have to log in to You simply have to add your bills to your app and Prism will track them and send reminders of when they’re due. You multiple websites to pay your bills.

3. Personal Capital

With over 2 million users, Personal Capital is a free personal finance app that allows you to manage all your assets, investments and spending, perfect for wealth management.  The service comes with over 14,000 financial institutions so you can easily link all your accounts with the app. Then the app will track your spending and help you create a monthly budget. The financial tools provided can give you a view of your net worth, budgeting, cash flow, fee analysis and also provide a retirement/education planner. You can use their built-in investment intelligence to compare your portfolio’s allocation to the recommended target allocation and see how your investments are doing. You can also request for financial advisors who will provide you with customized advice on wealth management.

4. Clarity Money

Clarity Money is probably your best option if you’re looking for an app to help you manage your subscriptions. With more and more companies looking towards subscription models you can easily lose track of all the subscriptions you’ve signed up for. Clarity Money helps you pinpoint subscriptions you’re not using and canceling them. It also tracks your spending and gives recommendations to improve your financial health. You can grow your savings by opening a Savings Account through the money app. Your savings deposits are then helped at an FDIC-insured bank and are insured up to $250,000. Clarity Money also gives you free access to your VantageScore credit score by Experian.

5. You Need a Budget (YNAB)

YNAB is a personal finance app built on four very simple rules for budgeting. Giving every dollar value, embracing your true expenses, be flexible to overspending, and spending a limited amount you’ve earned in a limited period of time. These rules help not only build your budget but to help you gain control of your overspending. This app is perfect if you’re looking forward to getting rid of any debt. Look at all your transactions and see where you’ve been spending. Apply that to your budget and adjust any categories if you’ve been overspending. You’ll be able to receive a detailed report as to how you’ve been spending your money. You can try the app for free till the first 34 days and then subscribe to their $11.99/month package.

6. EveryDollar

If you want a personal finance app tailored specifically towards budgeting, EveryDollar is the app for you. This app works on the zero-based budget. The zero-based budget essentially gives every dollar a purpose in the budget. You can easily enter your income, plan your expenses and track your spending. You’ll be able to connect with experts to help you with your financial planning. New users are given a free trial of the premium version of the app

7. Spendee

While most finance apps are for singular use only, Spendee is perfect for shared finances. You can create shared wallets with your family and friends. You can connect your accounts and then import your bank transactions for each month and see where you’ve been spending money. You can track your budget as well for each category and see how you’ve been keeping up with your budget. You’ll also be given alerts and reminders of your bills and their due dates. You can go for the basic app which is free but has only 1 shared wallet, or you can subscribe to their Spendee Plus package which is $14.99/year. It’ll give you an unlimited number of shared wallets along with some more features. The Spendee Premium package is also available for $22.99/year with even more available features.

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